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Dr. Hilmi Hajuj

אדיב קליניק | ד"ר חג'וג' חילמי

Dr. Hilmi is a dentist, and he is an "Honored Member & International Speaker of ODC.

Dr. Hilmi performs dental implants and oral rehabilitation with simple invasive techniques and immediate loading, and is approved by the Ministry of Health for general anesthesia.


Dr. Hilmi's skills and abilities, in addition to his extensive experience, assure patients quality same-day dental implants, backed by full warranty for the implants and crowns. Thus assuring his patients peace of mind throughout the treatment and for many years to come.


You may be suffering from bone loss, or you have neglected your teeth for years because of the fear of dental treatments, or have grown tired of dentures. At the end of the day, you refuse to accept the current situation, and you want to do something about it. Therefore, we invite you to a non-binding consultation with Dr. Hilmi, ensuring that you will come out of the meeting with all the necessary information, including a treatment plan for a healthy and beautiful smile.


"Every person deserves to enjoy the highest quality of life, with a smile that brings their self confidence back. All of this with minimal surgical intervention, complications or pain."

                                                                              Dr. Hilmi

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